Forecasting for the next 18 months ahead of current selling season.
Books on Trend, Direction, Colors, Prediction, Logos and graphics, Key Items & styling ideas, Design and Details are available.

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        The new Sketchbook Coat & Jacket present to in preview, a selection aimed at the trends and styles

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        The proposals featured in the new Sketchbook Dress vol. 16 focus on the dress models most seen in the latest prêt-à-porter fashion shows, rielaborating the styles and the items which best represent ...

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        The most transversal game of the winter will be “Superheroes”: able to blend streetwear and ready to wear in a phantasmagoria of solutions

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        Four colour themes are described in each issue, illustrated by original Cotton Swatch Card strips of the PANTONE® FASHION + HOME Textile Color System as well as by inspiring collages and brief but concise comments (English).

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        They are published for the areas of women's, men's and children's wear, as well as sportswear and interior .

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        The interaction of sales- boosting trend themes, colours, colour combinations and stimulating imagery create an inspiring panorama of innovative product worlds.

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        This is a book, an Encyclopedia, a collector item, whatever you called it. It is the most precious treasure to all the people who are involved directly or indirectly in Denim Jeans. It is a must for those who trade in Denim Jeans.

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        Based on the knowledge about the trends of tomorrow, distinctive fashion features are summarized in significant picture sequences serving as reservoir of ideas for new collections in the upcoming seasons.

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        6 market-driven trend themes including inspiration, colours, colour combinations, material directions, styling, accessories, details and many model sketches.

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